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Only conscious when asleep
Alarm signals inactive mind
Thoughts and feelings all held captive
All is lost and wandering blind
Walking backwards on a tightrope
A breeze fells the house of cards
Bearing weight of stone cathedrals
Glass becomes a thousand shards
Wise Solomon trapped in folly
Humble Moses ensnared by pride
Godly David found unfaithful
Immortal Adam knew and died

Two tornadic minds in motion
Sensations thrown into reverse
Sparks and signals in the crossfire
Tightly held confusion-curse
All of life spins in a circle
Fiercely winding turning top
Grinding gears unoiled machinery
Breathless rollercoaster drop
Chosen Jacob known deceiver
Unwilling Tamar sent away
Lying spirits sent from heaven
Virgin daughters proposed as prey

Waken mind that sleeps while watching
Too much rubble obscures the view
Violent memories left abandoned
Troubled waters demand their due
Strong connections in the circuits
Wires frayed with overuse
Pathways are not prison shackles
Iron fetters can come loose
Mighty Samson strong in weakness
King Manasseh bowed in chains
Three faithful men withstood fire
A crucified man lives and reigns

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  1. Thank you for the post you left on my site. I loved reading that. I have linked to your site some time back but for some reason this time when you left a new post it did not update and so I was not aware that you had posted something new. I love this. We have layman's night at our church once a month and we are able to read something we've come across, or some people are talented enough to sing. I am going to read this poem you've written because I find it very moving. Well done, my friend. You've packed a lot of emotion into a powerful message.

    God Bless You,

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I actually wrote this while enduring some pretty strong emotions. I wrote it to get them out. The last several lines were an attempt to comfort myself and in some way resolve the first chaotic two-thirds of the poem. The last two lines were the hardest to write, or to come up with at all. The process of writing the poem seems similar to the content. When I first started writing I was feeling very depressed. Then I started thinking about all the confusion I have been keeping bottled up. I need resolution, but I don't know how to get it. It seems impossible. But many people over the ages have overcome much more impossible situations than what I face. And because of people like Samson, Manasseh, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego, and of course the Savior Jesus Christ, I can have hope that I too can overcome what seems impossible by the same means these men did: putting my faith and life in the hands of God.

  2. Maybe you experience at times a profound feeling of depression because you are someone who looks much deeper in life at things than most people do. It's part of the gift you have to see things as clearly as you do, but it can be hard on you. I agree with you that the answer for us in life is to stay very connected with God. But I do think also because of our understanding of God's plan for the world - grasping the meaning of salvation - and yet seeing the reality of this present world we will naturally experience times of real heaviness. I know I do. I pray that people will respond to God's Holy Spirit.

    God Bless You, my friend,


  3. J, I wanted to tell you also that when I have gone through times when I feel very pulled down emotionally, to the point that I consider myself under attack spiritually, I learned that if I begin celebrating the greatness of the Lord with praise and worship, that changes everything. It changes my thinking quite literally and has helped me tremendously. I feel peace within - "the joy of the Lord."

    As I have said before I so much admire the gift you have, and I do hope and pray that you will always use that as you have to encourage others and to glorify God. You are special in this world, my friend.

    I am praying for you,